LakeVoice News: Livable Duluth Project



I was the Co-Executive Editor of LakeVoice News in 2017 where I managed a team of nine reporters and worked closely with our publisher. I oversaw and helped create the branding  where we came up with our name, tagline, hashtag, logos, etc. I ran budget meetings every week where I helped my reporters come up with story ideas, and to be available at all times to help them throughout the entire process of reporting their story. I edited their podcasts, videos, and written articles. I helped our social media strategist come up with an editorial schedule for posts. I helped plan and run our showcase in April. I was responsible for coordinating all things under the Livable Duluth project and reported on the beat infrastructure.


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Expectations From Clients

When it comes to making documents for someone that you may work for, you always have to consider what it is that they are looking for. What do they want on it? What colors will look good? What should it say?

For my internship with a children’s book author, I was assigned the job of creating a flyer that could be emailed in PDF format to potential readers and buyers of her book. There was a school version, a business version, and a homeschooling version; all based on who the flyer will be sent to.

For the schools, she wanted me to include three categories and different options in each. She wanted to make sure that I included at least three reviews of her book, her contact and social media information needed to be included, the sponsors of her book, and a video or two showcasing her in action.

What I found out was that it is best to understand what the “client” wants and how they what it to look. It is always welcome for you to make suggestions, but at the end of the day, it is them who are going to use it.

Here is an example of the school flyer that I designed to the specifications of the author I intern for.


Evoke a Feeling

Everyone always says that pictures are worth a thousand words, but that is not always the case. If a picture is taken well, then it should evoke a certain feeling to whomever is looking at it. Here is an example of a sense of place photo I took this past winter.

Thinking Tree

Or, the picture should tell a sort of story. Viewing ordinary objects in a way that will say something other than just looking at a bunch of random objects. One example of this would be a portrait without a person. This just means taking a picture of an area that will tell a story about the person who occupies the area in the picture. Here is an example of a portrait without a person.

Close Up

Pictures can be an effective way of telling a story, and having a basic understanding of photography can really help when it comes to needing a picture to enhance a story.