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My name is Mareesa Lindstrom. I studied at the University of Minnesota Duluth for a major in Writing Studies Journalism with a minor in English.

I am Co-Founder of the University’s Writing Club that has grown to 32 members and is going on it’s third consecutive year. In this club, we hosted authors Tim Jollymore and Wendy Mulhauser, put on events such as a silent auction with the neighboring university, St. Scholastica, and provided internships, networking, and publication opportunities to its members.

I have previous experience working with children’s book author SissyMarySue as the Lead Writing Intern doing development, marketing, PR, and fundraising. I also managed over a few projects over the course of my education. As Editor-in-Chief, I managed a team up to 18 people for Odyssey, an online platform dedicated to giving a voice to millennials in the Duluth community. I landed the title of Executive Editor for Lake Voice News‘ special project Livable Duluth. I also took part in the Storytelling Project where I helped someone with TBI write a story they otherwise couldn’t have done by themselves.


Connect with me through:

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View my résumé by clicking the link below:



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